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FeWo Channel Manager: What is it and why do you need one?

If you advertise your vacation rental on multiple online portals - such as OTAs (online travel agents) and additionally on your own website, it's probably a nightmare for you to have to constantly update and adjust the listings. In this case, a Channel Manager is the perfect solution for you!

The fewofy solution uses the Channel Manager from the company Smoobu from Berlin.

No more double bookings

The Channel Manager ensures that all bookings are seamlessly synchronized across all your connected booking portals (Airbnb,, FeWo-Direkt etc). This includes not only bookings from the portals, but also direct bookings via your own website, manual blockings and all changes and cancellations.

Save time with a single calendar

According to a survey by Smoobu, using a channel manager saves the landlord:in an average of 3 hours per week per apartment in manual work. They also get 20% better ratings on average than other Airbnb hosts? Invest the time you save in your guests instead! :)

Your website + various portals: Only 1 calendar!

Price synchronization included

With Smoobu you can easily synchronize accommodation prices and minimum stays across major portals. All you need to do is define the base price (for single days, periods or weekdays) in your Smoobu account. Additionally, you can add a percentage surcharge per portal to compensate for different calculations and fee models!

Let's assume you have 3 connected portals. We assume 100 euros as the base price for each weekday in June. In addition, we set a markup of 3% for, 5% for Airbnb and 9% for Expedia. Smoobu will synchronize in real time 103 euros with, 105 euros with Airbnb and 109 euros with Expedia.

The fewofy website will be synchronized with 100 Euro which is commission free for you.

All portals that are connected to Smoobu and can be synchronized with your fewofy website can be found in the Smoobu dashboard.


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